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DCC Promotes Open events and Club events, so what's the difference?

Updated: May 6, 2021

As the name suggests, Open Events can be ridden by any rider - providing they are members of a CTT Affiliated club and they complete the registration process. DCC will be promoting 3 Open events during 2021:

Sunday 2nd May 2021: 9:30am, DCC 25mile TT, course T254/1, contact Malcolm Steer.

Saturday 26th June 2021: 2:00pm, DCC 10mile 2-up, course T103, East Cowton / Scorton, contact Marcel Schubert.

Saturday 31st July 2021: 2:00pm, DCC 10mile TT, course T103, East Cowton / Scorton, contact Marcel Schubert.

Club events are restricted to Club members and guests who are members of CTT Affiliated clubs. Registration is immediately before the event.

Records of riders and times are maintained by the Race Secretary and sent to CTT for insurance purposes.

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