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Darlington CC - Challenge Rides:

DCC Challenge Ride Dates – 2023


These rides are planned to start at 08:00 on a Sat to allow for the longer duration and the roads are normally a little quieter than a Sunday. If the weather is poor on a Sat, we have the option to switch it to the Sunday, which we did recently.

The idea behind rides is that they stretch you a little, but progressively over the year, with either distance or climbing or a combination of both. The goal is to get you to ride a flattish 100 miles in August, then the 100-mile Hell of the North in September, followed by a flat 200k (124 miles) in October. The longer rides often have two stops, to allow for a bit of recover. The ave speed is circa 14.5 mph, but this can alter with the terrain. 

For those of you that may be a little anxious with these distances, remember you are riding in a group, and we do not leave anybody behind. If you have any doubt about your ability to complete the ride, ask a Ride Leader as they will have an idea if your fitness is up to it.

These rides are for DCC members only and come at no cost, other than your cake & coffee at the stops.


MAY – Sat 20th – Approx 75 miles

JUNE – Sat 10th – Approx 80 miles

JULY – Sat 22nd – Approx 90 miles

AUG – Sat 19th – Flat 100

SEP – Sat 9th – Hell of the North

Oct – Sat 7th – Flat 200k


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