Before you apply for membership, we ask that you join us on some club runs, this gives you the opportunity to meet club members and decide if Darlington CC is the club for you.   Please check out the page on RIDING ETIQUETTE for some useful pointers on group riding and safety.


You'll also need two members to propose and second you. Under 18's must complete the PARENTAL CONSENT form attached to the Membership form.

If you decide to join, submit a completed MEMBERSHIP form at one of the monthly club meetings with a membership fee of £10 (£5 for under 18's).

New members will be issued with an ICE helmet sticker and a club cap.

As an existing member, if you renew your subs for the following year between 1st and 31st December it is £8.00 or £5.00 for a junior. If you renew your subs by 31st January of the year of membership it is £10.00. There is no surcharge for late payers, but if you do not pay your subs you are technically not a member of the club. This may have implications if you are on a club ride and there is an incident which leads to legal recourse. 

Note - Insurance: 3rd party insurance cover is a mandatory requirement of membership and is available through membership of Cycling UK and British Cycling.


Affiliated membership of Cycling UK, including 3rd party insurance, is available for £26 per annum via their website

When asked for the club code, use 90032865