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Before you apply for membership, we ask that you join us on some club runs, this gives you the opportunity to meet club members and decide if Darlington CC is the club for you.   Please check out the page on RIDING ETIQUETTE for some useful pointers on group riding and safety. 

In order to join you will also need two members to propose and second you (no need for signatures, we can confirm electronically).

Under 18's must complete the Parental Consent form before riding with the club. Parental Consent Word version / Parental Consent PDF version.

Darlington Cycling Club uses MembershipMojo club management software to manage on-line membership.  

Secure payments are made via PayPal.

Note: All membership applications and renewals are subject to a non-refundable £1.00 administration fee.


Click here for Membership Application / Renewal 

Members can access their account page to review and if necessary make changes to address, contacts and other details.  Click here for the link.

First time members, including Juniors, have two options:

  • Become a member for a joining fee of £40.00, plus £1.00 admin fee, which will include a cap*, ICE helmet sticker and a short-sleeved cycling jersey.

  • Become a member with a joining fee of £20.00, plus £1.00 admin fee, with a cap* & ICE helmet sticker, but no club jersey.  *While stocks last

For those joining after 1st October in any year the payment covers the following year’s full subscription.  e.g. membership paid during October 2022 covers membership up to 31st Dec 2023.

Renewal for existing members £15.00 (except a junior which will be £10.00), plus£1.00 admin fee.

Lapsed members renewal (after 31st Jan) £20.00, plus £1.00 admin fee.

Members are eligible to buy club kit with Vat paid.

Honorary members (80’s & over) benefit from free membership renewals.

If you do not pay your subs you are technically not a member of the club. This may have implications if you are on a club ride and there is an incident which leads to legal recourse. 

Member Insurance

You are required to have 3rd party insurance whilst being a member and whilst we don’t specify where you get it.  Some options are:


British Cycling Ride Ins

Cycling UK

If you require more information about this please speak to the Membership Secretary or any club official.  

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