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Club 10's including, “The Scorton Green TT Challenge”

The Darlington CC 10-mile Time Trial Series (Club 10) is open to any road cyclist and runs on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer season from Mid-April until early September and now includes a separate Road Bike Category. Also, we are now offering the option to participate as a 2-up team (2 person Team Time Trial, male, female or mixed). 


After the event, why don’t you join us for a post-ride social at the Chequers-Inn at Dalton-on-Tees, DL2 2PA, where you’d be more than welcome.  

The course T103 leads along a quiet country road from Cowtons to Scorton green and back.  Sign-on here from 6:00pm, 1st rider off at 6:45pm, 6:30pm for early and late season events in April and September.

Important note: please remember a safety helmet, front & rear lights are mandatory in all UK TT’s.



“The Scorton Green Time Trial Challenge”

We are levelling the playing field and offering you a money back guarantee. It doesn’t matter how fast you go! All that matters is by how much you can improve by the end of the season. Everyone has a realistic chance of being competitive, regardless of age, gender or equipment. All you do is have a good try, then come back another time and try again. We then work out your percentage improvement. If you don’t improve over the season, we will offer you all your money back!

The challenge is open to ALL Club 10 participants – members of DCC & other Clubs. All Club 10 participants will enroll automatically. This includes four categories, Road Bike & Time Trial bike, plus club and non-club members. 

Awards will be announced for the most improved guest rider + for the most improved DCC rider in each category.


Links to Awards pages:


Club 10 Evening Series AWARDS

George Siddle Memorial Trophy

Hole in the Wall Crystal Vase

The minimum number of rides to qualify for awards and the money back guarantee is 4. Do more than 4 rides for a chance of even better improvements.

A quick note to the regular testers: don’t worry, you will still get your result times ;)


Provisional results will be available at the events once all riders have finished. Please wait for the event officials to return to the T-junction.

Official results including “The Scorton Green TT Challenge” scores are published here: 

2024 Times and Handicap Scores.

2023 Times and Handicap Scores.

2022 Times and Handicap Scores.

2021 Times and Handicap Scores.


Who can enter?

𝗔𝗽𝗿𝗶𝗹 20𝟮𝟯 𝗨𝗣𝗗𝗔𝗧𝗘:


Are you under 18?   If so, the first 10 entries for our Club 10’s can enter for free, but don’t forget, we will need a completed Parental Consent before you enter and these can be found here: - 

We also have them at the event.

The minimum age of a competitor in an event on the public highway is 12 years.

You can take part on a normal road bike (see road bike specifications below). Time Trial Equipment is not needed, but helmets and working front and rear lights are mandatory.  There are no exceptions. Non-Compliance = No start.

The entry fee is £5 (£3 for DCC members), cash only please and if you have the exact amount that would be great.

 DCC Group Riders - You are more than welcome!

Groups will meet and depart from Blackwell Post Office on pre-agreed dates. Please check for announcements on the Facebook members forum or speak to your regular ride leader.

Let us know how many of you are coming and we’ll reserve the first numbers for you.

This will let you ride the course within short periods of each other.

Don’t want to do it alone? No problem, you are more than welcome to take part as a 2-person team.

Unaffiliated riders are also welcome*.

*If you are not a member of a club affiliated to CTT (Cycling Time Trials), then you can ride 3 rides on a Come & Try It Basis, before you would need to join an affiliated club like DCC.

How to get there?


We meet at the North end of Raby Lane at the Tee junction with the B1263, about 2 miles west of the main A167 Northallerton/Croft Road, directly north of East Cowton.

If you are traveling by car, there is off-road parking available near the T-junction. Parking is at your own risk and you must not cause obstructions to traffic.

If you are going by bike, please check the links below for the 2 most direct routes from Blackwell Post Office/Darlington to the Club 10 meet-up point.

Most direct (~ 6.4 miles):


Lower traffic option via Jolby Lane (~9.6 miles):


And please remember your helmet, front & rear lights.


Road bike and rider category specifications:

Cycling Time Trials (CTT) have updated the road bike and rider specifications and provided details in their latest Newsletter.  

Please download the latest Road Bike rules here, and check that you are in full compliance.  

Official CTT Message:

"As from 16 April 2023, the following text has been appended to Regulation 14 to make it clear that safety considerations preclude riding road bikes with forearms resting on the tops of the handlebars.

N.B. For the purposes of Regulation 14

For riders riding Road Bikes competitors must predominantly ride holding the drops or brake hoods. Riders may not ride in the "Puppy Paws" Position or simulate a Tribar position by resting the forearms on the handlebars."


Some general information on Cycling Time Trials:

For more information on Time Trials, please go to and for a beginners guide visit and/or

A few simple points are highlighted here:

Drafting: Competitors must ride entirely alone and unassisted and not ride in company or take shelter (commonly known as drafting) from another rider unless it is your 2-up partner (if you do a 2-up TTT) or vehicles. If you should catch up another rider you should try to pass as quickly as possible and must not in any other circumstances ride close behind so that you take shelter from the wind. 

Nor is it in order to ride alongside and even to ride a few metres behind for any appreciable distance. In the spirit of the sport, caught riders should not disturb the performance of the rider catching them by repassing and/or riding closely behind them, except when they can sustain that move. This is generally considered to mean that the caught rider should allow a reasonable gap to develop of some 30 to 50 yards/metres.

Marshals: Marshals do not direct traffic; they only indicate course direction at the 2 Scorton junctions. The event takes place on a public road, therefore all participants must adhere to the highway code like when being out on a regular ride.

Mandatory safety equipment: helmet, front light, rear light


How to get in touch with us?

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to send us your comments or feedback.

DCC Facebook page.




Our timekeeper Geoff Watson on 07914 577038

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