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Challenge Rides

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It is the intention of these rides that they stretch you a little by progressively increasing either distance or climbing (or a combination of both) throughout the year. The goal is to get you to ride a flattish 100 miles in August, then the 100-mile Hell of the North in September, followed by a flat 200k (124 miles) in October. The longer rides often have two stops, to allow for a bit of recovery. The average speed is circa 14.5 mph, but this can alter with the terrain. 

2024 Rides
Ride Date
Ride Name
Ride 1
Flat 60
~ 60
Ride 2
Flat 70
~ 70
Ride 3
Flat 80
~ 80
Ride 4
Hilly 80
~ 80
Ride 5
Castles Ride
Ride 6
Flat 100
~ 100
Ride 7
Hell of the North
Ride 8
Flat 200 (km)

These rides are planned to start at 08:00 on a Saturday to allow for the longer duration and the roads are normally a little quieter than a Sunday. If the weather is poor on a Saturday, we have the option to switch it to the Sunday.

For those of you that may be a little anxious with these distances, remember you are riding in a group, and we do not leave anybody behind. If you have any doubt about your ability to complete the ride, ask a Ride Leader as they will have an idea if your fitness is up to it.​

These rides are for DCC members only and come at no cost, other than your cake & coffee at the stops.

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