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Coffee and Cake

An essential aspect of most rides ..........

Courtesy of Ian M:

Solo circuit up to Barningham via Gilling West and Kirby Hill with a quick stop off at the Stoneygate Farm Cafe. My Yorkshiremans tip is ask for a takeaway coffee in a paper cup which saves you 50p and you probably get more (& with the lid on keeps your drink warmer for longer sat outside!). Photos of the cafe are herewith which I omitted to take last time I was there - the cafe now has a further outdoor seating area at the rear and there are more tables as you enter the farm at the gable end of the cafe-shop premises, which is good. The premises are split into two public areas with the cafe element on one side and the farm shop the other, which seems a sensible set up. I got there early today and save a few (chatty) locals popping into the shop and some customers at the rear I had the front seating area to myself (& in the sunshine!). Really good coffee and cakes with the selection improving from previous weeks and for take away coffee and a very tasty lemon muffin it came to £4 which is cheaper now than many other cafes! Hoping to try the Fat Rascal next time (no bun intended)! Service is a little slow but just go with the flow as it's early days for the (nice) staff.

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