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DCC 2022 Club 10 TT Series Highlights - Spotlight on Comebacks

Welcome another post on highlights at this year’s Darlington CC club 10 evening TT series. Our first post was the announcement of the winner and runners-up and if you haven't seen it yet, please check it out here: Club 10 mile Time Trial winners, including members and non-members. (

This time around, the spotlight is on riders who returned to "pinning a number on" after a longer break from time trials or racing in general. We think that there are 4, who are specifically worth mentioning for their remarkable comebacks this year.

Jo Scott, one of the most regular female participants in our club 10 and in open events in the region, previously with Team Swift, returned this year after a forced break since 2021. It was very nice to see her taking part again even though not yet on the TT bike. We look forward to her full comeback in 2023, perhaps even in DCC colours ;)

Jo Scott - Darlington

Kevin Denson only recently joined the club, and this year rode his first TT since he was 18! Since then, he has taken part in several club 10's throughout the summer and we are looking forward to many more in 2023.

Kevin Denson - Darlington CC

The next rider needs little introduction: Steve Fullerton has been racing very successfully in several disciplines for many, many years. It was great to see him back, not only at our club 10, but also at open TT events and even some road races.

Steven Fullerton - Darlington CC

And last but not least, Alex Ingham made a return from injury and became one of our most regular guest attendees this year. He completed 14 events, only very few riders did more than that. We think it was inspiring to see how he consistently improved and managed to get ever closer to old form.

Alex Ingham - AIMS Cycling

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