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Club 10 mile Time Trial winners, including members and non-members.

It's been coming quite a long way, but better late than never!

So, without further ado let us announce the winners and runners up of The Scorton Green TT Challenge, our club 10 handicap series for the 2022 season.

The Winners Guest TT bikes: Andy Harland (Darlington Tri) Guest Road Bikes: Paul Stables (Teesdale CRC) DCC Road Bikes: Gavin Vest DCC TT Bikes: Malcolm Steer

The Runners-Up & Guest Road Bikes: Ian Gaskins (Zurbaran), Stephanie Stephenson (Richmond CC) Guest TT Bikes: Mark Brownless (Teesdale CRC), John Quimby (Coalville Wheelers) DCC Road Bikes: Mark Riley, Andy Rose DCC TT Bikes: Marcel Schubert, Edward Kingsley

Congratulations to the winners , you are entitled to a cash award and bragging rights! Please contact us via email to claim your award (£20 for guests, £30 for members):

There are additional awards for the DCC winners . More on this very shortly.

And last but not least, KUDOS to everyone who took part this year. It's been great having you and we look forward to seeing again in 2023

We will be following up with some more club 10 specific posts over the following weeks. Watch this space

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