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DCC 2022 Club 10 TT Series Highlights - Part 3: Spotlight on Consistency

Welcome to part 3 of our club 10 highlights series. Today's feature topic is consistency.


Because consistency matters! Having a routine and sticking to it is arguably one of the foundational elements to fitness.

Looking at our statistics over the entire 2022 season, we can see 2 riders standing out for clearly not wasting any time on excuses.

In our list of guest riders, we have Paul Thirling (Hartlepool CC) who completed a total of 19 club 10's this year. That means he has only missed 3! In addition to that he has produced some incredibly consistent times over a period of 22 weeks. We think that's unmatched!

Paul Thirling - Hartlepool CC

Next is DCC member Malcolm Steer, who ticked off a total of 18 out of 22 Wednesday evening 10's in the TT bike category, which he also ended up winning.

(if you haven't seen our previous post on this yet take a look here: Club 10 mile Time Trial winners, including members and non-members. (

A nice achievement fueled by a lack of excuses ;)

But wait! There is more, Malcolm also completed 2 rides in the Road Bike Category, meaning he only missed 2 events.

Malcolm Steer - Darlington CC

Paul and Malcolm, Way to go!

If you like these posts or want to give us feedback please let us know. Feel free to use the comment section below.

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