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The Club 10 Series Winners & Runners-Up for the 2023 Season

The club 10's may feel like a distance memory already but we still owe you the announcement of the winners and runners-up of the handicap series

a.k.a. "The Scorton Green TT Challenge". Find out all about it on our website (

In a nutshell, it is not about being the fastest. What matters is how much you can improve throughout the season. This means anybody has a chance for top spot, regardless of age or gender. All you need to do is complete at least 4 rides. We have 5 categories, a Females-Only Category (introduced in 2023) as well as seperate Road Bike and TT Bike categories for our Guest Riders and our Members.

Enough preamble, let's get to it.

We would like to present to you with

the atheletes who achieved the top 3 handicap scores

in each of the categories.

Females-Only category (new in 2023)

1) Steph Stephenson [Richmond CC]

2) Rebecca Newark [Velo Bavarian]

3) Sarah Foulds [Veloculture]

Guest Road Bike Category

1) Steph Stephenson [Richmond CC]

2) Ian Gaskins [Zurbaran Racing]

3) Rohan Rayner-Smith [Cleveland Wheelers CC]

Guest TT Bike Category

1) Andy Harland [Darlington Tri]

2) Dougan Collins

3) Ben Hetherington [Ferryhill Wheelers CC]

Members TT Bike Category

1) Malcolm Steer

2) Kieran Brownless

3) Steven Madeley

Members Road Bike Category

1) Andy Rose

2) Mark Riley

3) Dan Shoulder

Congratulations! There will be awards for 1st placed Guests and Members, and we are also looking into something for 2nds and 3rds. More on this in a follow up post shortly.

Well done and thanks to EVERYONE of you for having joined us at our club 10 this summer. We have hugely enjoyed it and hope you did so, too.

THANKS to all of our kind members who volunteered to help as marshals!!!

THANKS to the Zurbaran Support crew!!!

And last but not least THANKS to the team of organisers, especially our Time Keeper Geoff Watson and Marshals Coordiantor Steve Earle for being there everyweek without fail!!!

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