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DCC Recommended!!

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

I have been a member of the club since the end of last summer and have gradually built up my miles, starting with Saturday rides and preferring to come along when it’s sunny!

I came across the club on a Google search when I was looking for a way to meet some new people and do some exercise at the same time. I had done a bit of cycling before at university, but had no idea what pace or distance I would be able to do at first.

Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel comfortable right from my very first ride. There are also a lovely group of ladies in the club, of all different abilities, and it is unlikely that I am ever the only one out in my group.

For those who might see us all in our club kit and clippy shoes (and maybe worry that they don’t have the right stuff, or haven’t done enough cycling before), I would encourage you to come along to a few taster rides and give it all a try with whatever kit you do have! Build up your confidence and get chatting to everyone. And if it’s right for you, then later on you can give some new things a go, start cycling further each week, with more confidence and perhaps more speed!

Or maybe not more speed, after all who doesn’t love a meander down the country lane in the sunshine after work with your club mates :))


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