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Dates for Your 2023 TT Events Diary

The 2023 TT season is fast approaching and many of you will already be busy planning and hopefully will be joining us at some of our events. We will again be running our popular Wednesday evening club 10 series and in addition host 4 open events. If you are a seasoned time trialist, please skip the next paragraph and jump straight to the club events and open events schedules.

For all of you, who are new to Time Trials, we are talking about CTT events. CTT (Cycling Time Trials) is the National Governing Body for time trials in England, Scotland and Wales.

There are generally 2 types of events:

1) Open Events - entry is open to first claim members of any CTT affiliated club. They must also have completed the registration process with CTT, which is most easily done on their website

2) Club Events - entry is restricted to members of the promoting club and their guest riders. A guest rider may complete 3 club events without being a member of an affiliated club, this is called "Come & Try It". All our club events as well as the Croft events, listed below, are "Come & Try It" events.

2023 Club Events Schedule

So let's start with the club events a.k.a. the DCC Wednesday Evening Club 10 Series or simply club 10's, more details here >> Wednesday 10's | Mysite (

As you will see in the below table, we are running things slightly differently this year. We have a fantastic closed roads venue at Darlington's door step: the Croft Motor Racing Circuit. Our own club 10, running only ~2 miles from Croft, would typically take place at the same time. To avoid this conflict in 2023 we are going to support the Croft events by skipping our club 10's whenever the Croft TT is taking place. We will ask all our members and guest riders to make use of this opportunity and join the Croft events. And when you're there, please spread the word about the DCC club 10's taking place nearby whenever Croft is not on.

We hope the below table will be useful, so you never end up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Feel free to print it and put in your wallet or glue it to your stem ;)

Please note: the Croft events are not hosted by DCC, please visit to keep up-to-date on everything related to Croft TT's.

***Important: all Darlington CC club 10 events are sign up on the day at the event itself. Fees are £3 for DCC members and £5 for guest riders. Cash only! We are currently not offering any pre-registration/sign-up via any website. Just come along, pay the small fee, and ride. Simple :)

DCC 2023 Club 10 Events Schedule

DCC Open Events Schedule

We will be hosting 4 open events this year.

1) Brusselton Incline Hill Climb - 19th of March

Our first event, which is also the season opening event for CTT Teesside District, is a new Hill Climb at the historic village of Brusselton, near West Auckland and Shildon. Watch this space for more event information coming out very soon.

2) Leeming Service Road 25 Mile TT - 2nd of April

3) Leeming Service Road 50 Mile TT - 13th of August

4) Leeming Service Road 10 Mile TT - 17th of September

Again, for those of you who are new to this (and this applies to open events only!), please see below simple steps for how to find and sign up to open events. There is a busy schedule of open events organised by many clubs in Teesside District, which we highly encourage you to try.

Step 1: go to and in the upper menu click on Events > Open Events

Step 2: on the open events page, ensure the dates range is set correctly, then simply use the District drop-down menu and select Teesside to show all events hosted by Teesside District affiliated clubs including the Darlington CC open events previously mentioned in this post.

Step 3: click on the event you want to enter (hint: the Brusselton HC on 19th of March ;)

This will bring you to the events page, which contains more detailed information. Use the Enter Now button at the top right.

Note: full events details, such as starter field, HQ information and other event details will be published in the Attached Files section shortly after the closing date, so please ensure you come back and download the documents. If you are signed up you should receive an email notification to tell you when the start sheet documents are ready. This is typically about 1 week ahead of the event date. Again, please ensure you download the detailed start sheet document, and not just look at the Rider List.

That's it. Hopefully you found this blog post helpful and are eager to get going.

We look forward to seeing you all for the first time in 2023 at Brusselton <<< hint ;)

Until then!

*as always, if you have any questions or feedback please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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