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Cycling testimonial - To all you potential female DCC members out there, your club needs you!

I am 58, and have always enjoyed cycling, but have never considered myself ‘sporty’ and only started to cycle more regularly about 8 years ago, following a cycling holiday in Italy. After investing in a decent bike, most of my holidays started to involve cycle touring, and to maintain fitness, I would cycle 20miles at a weekend and go to a spin class once a week.

I had often seen DCC members gather at Blackwell, but it all looked a very serious, mainly male and rather intimidating group and I felt it was completely out of my league. After a cycling holiday about 2 years ago, I came home keen to join a local group , if only to add a bit of variety to my weekly training route.

After looking at the DCC FB page I noted they were running beginner, intermediate and more advanced groups, and decided to bite the bullet and turn up one Tuesday evening. I never looked back.

I have met many new people, all of whom have been very friendly and welcoming, and have never been allowed to feel out of my depth when cycling with a group . There is always an experienced group leader who ensures the speed is appropriate to the members cycling, and my confidence and fitness, speed and stamina had improved greatly ( although dipped a bit again since lockdown.)

I have been on many new routes, experienced a range of new cafes, with plenty of coffee, cake and chat, and would highly recommend it to women of any age interested in cycling, meeting new people, exploring new cycle routes (and cafes) and improving their cycle skills in the process. It’s great and not intimidating at all!


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