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In a recent article in Cycling Weekly titled ‘Club life: Why do some cycling clubs attract so many more female members? They met up with Penge CC - one of the most popular clubs in southeast London who can boast about a 28% female membership. We’re not there yet, but we are getting there slowly, out of our 155 members, we now have 25 female members, which represents 16% of the membership. A few years ago, we only had 2 female members.

Are we getting it right or is there more we can do to enhance female membership?

I’d like to think we are seen as an inclusive club, regardless of age, sex or religion, in the eyes of the committee everyone is just a rider, I say just, in my option being a member of a club is something special that a lot of people miss out on, but why? Is it that fear of joining a bunch of guys (or so they think) donned in lycra or do they think they are not fit enough or is there another reason? Alice Quinn has recently been Co-Opted onto the committee to better represent the female & younger membership of the club; is that enough females to represent the club? The committee currently comprises Officers of the club of which there are six, then three Co-Opted members (all male) and now Alice.

Your thoughts/comments would be much appreciated, either by replying to this post or via the email that has been sent direct to you.

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