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Invitation to Social Evening at the Tapas Bar Darlington

Our next social meeting will be at 7pm on Monday the 13th of March in the upstairs room of the Tapas Bar at Bondgate/Darlington. All members will already have received an invitation via email, but we would also like to invite our club 10 guest. Please let us know if you are joining us. It will be a pleasure to meet up ahead of the new club 10 season.

At the meeting we will also present awards to club members and there are 6 individual recipients. Two of the awards, shown below, are for the 2022 club 10 series winners. The other 4 are going to be announced at the meeting. Our special guest on the evening will be Gavin Russel, the secretary for Cycling Time Trials Teesside.

Please come along for a drink and chat. We look forward to seeing you next Monday.

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